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3D Printing World Awards 2019

To be held on 29th November 2019 @ THE ORCHID HOTEL, 70-C, Nehru Road, Near Mumbai Domestic Airport, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099.

3D PRINTING WORLD AWARDS is a platform recognising excellence in each sector across specialisation.
A great opportunity to acknowledge the efforts made by the initiators.
The first and the only Awards platform for 3D Printing in India.

3D Printing World Awards Past Winners


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2016 - 2017

2016 - 2017

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Winners - 3D Printing World Awards 2015
Innovator in Architecture & Construction Dr. BerokhKhosheniv, Director, Souther University of California
Innovator in Aerospace Dr. U Chandrashekar, Director, ESCI
Medical & Health Care Dr. Anthony Atala, Director, Wake forest Institute
Education & Training CADD Centre
Artist of the year Dr. Rekha Rana, Artist, JJ School of Arts
Service Bureau of the Year Starprototye India
Best Start Up Of The Year Mahersoft
Fashion Designer of the year Mohit Verma, Fashion Designer, National Institute of Fashion
Innovator in Automobile & Engineering Ajay Purohit, Head Rapid Proto, Tata Motors.
Winners - 3D Printing World Awards 2016 - 2017
Automobile & Engineering
3D Printer Manufacturer ( Tier 2) of the year DIVIDE BY ZERO
3D Printing Service Bureau of the year 3D Product Development
Software Company of the year AUTODESK
Upcoming 3D Printing Service Bureau of the year IMP – INCREDIBLE 3D
Upcoming 3D Printer Manufacturer of the year 3DEOMETRY
Engineering Institute of the year College Of Engineering Pune
Medical & Health Care
Innovator in Dental Services of the Year Dr. Dinesh Jain, CMD, Dental Ceramists
Innovator in Tissue Engineering of the Year Dr. Sourabh Ghosh, IIT Delhi, India
Best Company in Scanning Solutions of the year INSIGHT CBCT
3D Printer Manufacturer (Tier 2) of the year AHA 3D
Company offering Tissue Engineering Services for the year Next Big Innovation Labs
Best 3D-Bioprinter Machine Company of the year ENVISION TEC GmbH
Dental Implantologist of the Year Dr. Abdul Hahmeed,Implantologist, Wockhart Hospital
Innovator in New Inventions Prof. Dr Jayesh Bellare, HOD, Chemical Engg, IIT Bombay
Best Company in Cranio maxillofacial Services of the Year Dr. John Nesan, MD, CTARS
Maxillofacial Surgeon of the Year Dr. Satyajit Gurupad Dandagi, Maxillofacial Surgeon
Orthopedic Surgeon of the Year Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria, Joint Replacement & Trauma Surgeon, Dept of Orthopedics ,Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital Mumbai
Dental College of the year Government Dental College and Dr. Mansingh Pawar, Dean, GDCH
Upcoming Medical Service Bureau of the year Mr. Mahesh Dokha, Director, Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt Ltd
Hospital of the year Wockhardt hospital


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Winners - 3D Printing World Awards 2018
Dental College of the year Government Dental College & Hospital -
Dr. Mansingh Pawar, Dean, GDCH
Dental Lab of the year Confident Dental Lab -
Dr. Shiv Shankar Mahadevan, Director
Innovation in Medical & Health Care for the year Dr. Jayesh Bellare, Head of Department, Chemical Engg, IIT Bombay
Research Institute of the year - Medical BETIC, IIT Bombay -
Headed by Dr. Ravi B, IIT Bombay
Software company of the year - Aerospace & Defense ANSYS Software Pvt. Ltd -
Mr. Rafiq Somani
Pediatric Dentist of the year Dr. Bhagyashree Thakur
Implantologist of the year Dr. Dhaval Pandya
Dentist of the year Dr. Dinesh Jain
Virtual planning 3D services in the Head & Neck region for the year CTARS -
Dr.John Nesan, Director, CTARS
Maxillofacial Surgeon of the year Dr. Ruchi Pathak Kaul
Trainer of the year - Medical Dr. Thirumurgan
Service Bureau of the year - Jewelry Design Imaginarium
Service Bureau for PSI Incredible AM Pvt. Ltd
Aerospace & Defense INTECH DMLS
3D Printer Innovation End User of the year - Automobile & Engineering Mahindra & Mahindra -
Mr.Dharmesh Raval for adopting the 3D printing technology for reducing time to market response
Tissue Engineering & Bio-Printer company of the year Next Big Innovation Labs -
Mr.Alok Medikepura Anil, Co-Founder
Clear Aligner Company of the year Smile Align -
Dr. Praveen Shetty, Founder, Director
Retail shop of the year - 3D Printing Services TIME to 3D -
Rahul Shah, the promoter
College of the year Centre for Additive Manufacturing -
Mr.Ajay Kumar, Centre Head
Upcoming 3D Printer Company of the year - Architecture & Construction Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions Pvt Ltd - Mr.Adithya Jain, Co-founder

Nomination Form

Click Here for the Nomination Form
Terms & Conditions :

1. 50% of the score will be based on customer responsiveness (testimonials) as a weightage for the award selection.

2. 50% will be based on the existing service rendered and future business plans of the company.

3. Audience poll will also be a crucial benefactor for short listing of the winners.

4. All members nominating for the 3DPW Awards 2019 need to register as delegates for the 3DPW 2019 conference starting in morning of 29th November 2019 held at the same venue ORCHID HOTEL. Registration form can be found in the conference page of the 3DPW website:

5. Individual award category will be based on the current services, best practices and innovation achieved by the respective respondents.

4.30 pm - 4.35 pm Welcoming the Guest and the participants.
4.35 pm - 4.45 pm Introducing 3DPW AWARDS 2019
4.45 pm - 4.55 pm Presentation about "KIC" process Validation
4.55 pm - 5.00 pm Inviting the CHIEF GUEST
5.00 pm - 5.45 pm Awards & Celebration.
5.45 pm - 6.00 pm Media coverage and Interviews.

3D Printing World Awards 2019 Information

3D PRINTING WORLD AWARDS is a platform recognising excellence in 3D printing across sectors and industry. We have categories from Dental, Orthopaedics, Maxillofacial, Medical, Engineering, Automobile, Design, Architecture, Construction, Aerospace, Defence, Jewellery, Fashion, Art, Education, training with categories and sub-categories. 3D Printing World Awards is an event conducted for last 4 years acknowledging the initiators in the technology very specific to the Indian context. The criterion is to first fill the nomination form with all the required details to be shortlisted on the basis of information, which is adequate with proper supporting. It is a "CUSTOMER RESPONSIVE AWARDS" - 50% of the weightage is based on the customer testimonials and their good reference about the company. The customers will rate the shortlisted companies by filling in the form and submitting their response with a rating from 1 - 5. The value 1 being the highest and 5 being the smallest. The matrix will help us to prepare the scorecard of each companies selected in the respective categories. KIC is the basis of our process validation selecting the winners ie - KNOWLEDGE, IMPLEMENTATION & CUSTOMER RESPONSIVENESS.

Audience Poll Form

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