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Trinity 3D is a part of the parent company Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions. We acts as a CATALYST between the end user and the service providers in 3D Printing. The process is done by taking a brief from our clients to ensure the right solution is offered as per their business requirements working in confluence. This also ensures our commitment to be an end to end solution provider for the seeker. The solution includes reference of the right 3D Solution, assistance in 3D printing business, Media, PR, Strategic business inputs, referrals, investor support, client assessment and marketing support.


We also see a need for validation in the quality of the 3D Printing products and solutions including materials. Since there is a gap and no accreditation agency for this technology in the country. Trinity 3D has formulated a consortium with validating agency to work in confluence to do required accreditation for the products and solutions. This will eventually help us to measure the quality of products to be certified for better standards. And since with more proliferation it is imperative to ensure the end customer gets the right products and solutions.


Trinity 3D offers customized prototyping solutions for all the sectors.

The process includes -

  • Sharing a concept.
  • Creating the design in 2 D
  • Formulating it in the 3D Software
  • Preparing a virtual 3D Model
  • Converting it to STL file
  • Printing

Sectors -

  • Medical – Dental, Maxillofacial, Orthopedics,
  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Education

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